Treecapitator Mod Review

Sick of chopping down trees block-by-block to collect wood in Minecraft? Well then, what you need is the Treecapitator mod!

Treecapitator (think of the name as tree-decapitator) is a simple, but extremely useful mod. It lets you chop down entire trees by destroying just one of the tree’s wood blocks with an axe. Taking out one of the blocks in the tree trunk will destroy all connecting tree blocks above it, including leaves. Then all the wood comes raining down at once for you to harvest. Nice and easy! Check out this short youtube clip showcasing the Treecapitator mod.

Using this mod as a server owner can be very appealing to players, making their lives much easier when they’re out scavenging for wood. There are also tons of settings to play with in the config file. You can change what items are considered axes, and even what type of blocks are considered trees for this mod to affect. There are also sections of the config for compatibility with other mods and special block types. One of the more balanced settings is making the tree decapitation an enchantment players can put on their axes, rather than just having this powerful ability from the get-go.

The Treecapitator mod is maintained by a fellow who goes by “bspkrs” and requires both Forge Mod Loader and the mod “bspkrsCore” to run. At the time of this writing, the most recent update for Treecapitator supports up to Minecraft version 1.7.2.¬†You can get more info, as well as installation instructions, on the main forum thread for bspkrs mods. There are some other cool mods by bspkrs on that forum thread as well, but we thought this was the most useful one to give a quick spotlight to in a mod review.

As with all mods we review here on the MineAxe Blog, the Treecapitator mod is fully supported on the Minecraft servers we host. If you need help setting up this or any other mod, please contact support and we’d be happy to help. If you’re interested in signing up for a new Minecraft server, check out our premium Minecraft hosting plans on our main site.

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